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Pupils missing as the rescue companions were washed away

BEIJING guests on June 13 ,
Chen Xiaoyong Wang Gang Guangxi Laibin fire brigade confirmed today that the afternoon of June 11 , a primary school in the city to save the companion of a desire fell into the water , unfortunately , by the rushing water involved in the water to today, is still missing.
It is reported that the June 11 , six of the 10 -year-old child in the adult guardianship , together to Laibin Acacia Park near the pier the red - water swim in the river to play , during which a child drowning. According to an eyewitness , there were six children swimming in the next , the children one by one jumped into the water , and then climbed up the bank . Soon , they saw a child's head while the sink for a while out of the water , two hands keep the ball rolling in the water . Next to a child to see past drag him, and dragged for some distance . When the save people a child almost drowning child ashore , then he sank. Upon seeing this, the child was put ashore , and has four children in the shore dressed and ran from the scene . One witness , because they do not understand water-based , no one would dare water to save people, so they immediately called 110 and 119 phone alarm for help .
Laibin fire brigade received the alarm, the rapid mobilization of the eight fire officers and men of the Secret Service brigade rushed to the scene to rescue . Fire officers and soldiers leaving the edge of the banks of the river, drowning a pair of leather sandals and two uniforms , the river can not see the trace of the drowning child .
Red River level was high , fast-flowing , causing firefighters can not directly tie to the river , firefighters had to search in the surface waters within the range of 20 meters . About one hour later, still not found the drowning child trace . Then , the fire brigade to continue to expand your search ,true religion jeans for men, but has not found the figure of the drowning child , the absence of diving equipment , the fire brigade forced to return to the shore , and finally only be handed over to the the Hexi police station to the scene to deal with .

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Female students with the risk of heart disease mother go to scho

Changsha, April 21,
Red Net (trainee reporter Liu Can reporters Liwei Lin) she is both sensible filial piety, learning a very hard girl, she looks weak in the face of difficulties and setbacks, always able to work independently , showing amazing stamina and strength; She comes from a poor mountain family destitute, well aware of the parents to support a college student is not easy, and not take care of the parents have suffered the winding of the disease, she decided to go to school with his mother, with real action to take care of the mother.
her name called Luogui Hong, Xiangtan University, Literature and Journalism, 07 radio and television journalism students. Luogui Hong move with a sick mother to school deeply moved by a classmate, roommate, moved Xiangtan University teachers and students. To help Luogui Hong solve their practical difficulties, Xiangtan University students have been prepared to contribute to the school initiated activities.
a roommate for help post

April 20, at 10 o'clock in the evening, Red Net sick mother go to college, she really is not easy, also revealed that Luogui Hong's father not long ago was the stone crushing Luogui Hong need to get everyone's help.
post 2008, Luo Guihong the mother by the hospital, suffering from rheumatic heart disease, in order to lift the life-threatening, the family everywhere to borrow money to do a valve replacement surgery and spent over 60,000 yuan, but life can not be too fatigue have perennial medicine. House drain bias was overnight rain in March this year, the father of Luogui Hong farming at home, unfortunately, was a stone hit his left leg smashed into three sections, systemic multiple fractures.
the face of disaster, though uncomfortable, physically and mentally exhausted, but Luogui Hong did not choose to escape, but the courage to choose a person silently bear the burden of shouldering. Her father are still in the hospital, while her mother's illness after treatment after when good times and bad. The fear of a mother at home no one to take care of, has always been filial she resolutely took the side of the school side to take care of the mother.
to offer of love help her survive the current difficulties. roommate provided by telephone on attending classes Luogui Hong, received phone calls from reporters, she was surprised. Luogui Hong told reporters in class when she left her mother to the school dormitory, the school when the mother went back outside, rent a small room inside. > For the school with her mother, Luo Guihong no complaints, but inevitably some frustration. Class can not put my mother into the classroom, only to let her rest in the bedroom, so I may take care of her. I told them that the time to let my mother live here, roommates agreed to include this posting might roommate for my self-esteem, no tell me. you are still reading, the parents are in need of care, how can you do when Luogui Hong said, do not fall to study under the premise,true religion, and more on the outside part-time, to maintain my parents' medical expenses and living expenses. not have the money transferred to the local rural clinics and suggested she apply to schools, to see if can get help, Luogui Hong said there is no such intention. My parents' medical expenses that I borrowed from relatives, friends, I can find a few more part-time. medical fees thing back and forth, you tired, tired Soon, she resumed her voice, words, not to the reporters they need to request help. the Luo Guihong of
the eyes of students

do not know her small shoulders, how can assume so many appeared to be weak, this has resolutely with her mother went into heart disease, Xiangtan University, which makes us very shocking. with suffering sick mother go to school this is how difficult it is necessary to take care of the mother, have from time to time to go to the hospital to take care of her father ... filial piety, and intelligent daughter of a strong, hard-working role models. Wuwen Xi Luo Guihong the bedroom bedroom long, in her eyes, Luogui Hong not only ability, is an independent girl, or a strong self-esteem. the past several months, she so often run around in the hospital, home, school, on the one hand, to attend classes to do a good job learning, on the one hand, to take care of the hospitalized father and mother. weekend is the busiest two days in our leisure chat or shopping, she was always busy to do part-time as a tutor and sometimes late everyone asleep only to see her rush back to the bedroom, his face filled with hardships and fatigue. said Luo Guihong although over very hard, very busy, but she never complained with other people.
in Wu Wenxi opinion, Luo Guihong assume it is too much, too heavy. help, a very filial girl, our students are very moved.
a donor in school activities, to help Luogui Hong tide over difficulties.
Luogui Hong with her mother to come to school matter, schools, and our literature and the leadership of the School of Journalism does not know much, which mainly Luo Guihong I to the factors. relatively strong, may not want the trouble of schools and students, but we are still in active communication, and also hope that we can give her some support and encouragement.
Post Red Net

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Passers-by catch falls children fractures continued Hospital re

3 days, watching his son Chenzhi Xuan Wu Juping bed smile.
Xinhua reporter Huang Tsung-governance She

two-year-old girl suddenly fall from the height of 10th floor, a flash, a brave passers-by rushed over to hold the hand then a little girl, his arm and instantly a huge impact force Knocked fracture. However, due to her desperate pick, innocent girl's life was saved.
Wu Juping the hand catch passers-by is the new mother falls girl, her friends called For saving lives it, she said, coincided with the lunch break, Hangzhou is as quiet as the former. Suddenly, a gasp came from the 10th floor in 22: The girl no one at home,true religion jeans, she crawled to the window, his hands clutching the window frame, feet Takong whole person hanging in the window crumbling. Upon seeing the downstairs tenants, come up the ladder trying to catch a child, but the kids insisted only less than two minutes on a sudden fall.
Just when people thought that the tragedy would take place when the downstairs to a passing lady suddenly kicked heels, downstairs near the fast steps, opened his arms in the air!
afternoon, the reporter Orthopedics Hospital in Fuyang City on the third floor ward to see a fearless save people were Internet users referred to as Her bedside medical records of card read, injury is considered a very serious fracture of the ulna and radius.

However, due to Wu Juping treatment serving a large number of drugs, the doctor recommended her to the child is weaned. It is understood that the Wu Juping a staff of Ali Baba. After the incident, her first call to the company. The phone, she just said arm broken, you may want to please a three-month leave, the tone of understatement. To half a year. The hospital said that the treatment costs about 50,000 yuan, will be borne by the hospital.
In addition, the rescued girls niu also after surgery, in intensive care for treatment of life temporarily uneventfully.
comprehensive Xinhua News Agency and other media reports

welcome to comment I want to comment
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Leukemia in patients 10 years but not to save drowning children'

Li Jinxin father and son to visit suffering from leukemia benefactor Xie were school (a pseudonym)

lost contact 10 years later, that was to save their own people suffering from leukemia, Chongqing guy made a special trip to Chengdu to visit

in November 27, the hall of the fourth patient department of the West China Hospital, Chongqing people Liyu Chuan Li Jinxin with a 16-year-old son is anxiously waiting for a person. The father and son just got off will directly rushed to the hospital, they want to visit, respectively, for 11 years benefactor.
in August 1999, less than 5-year-old Li Jinxin stumble fall into the pond, just graduated from university of Xie (a pseudonym) rescued. Since then, thanks cases of school because of work was removed in Guangzhou, Beijing, Hebei, Li Jinxin a lost contact for 10 years.
November 2 this year, Xie learn diagnosed with leukemia. After many contacts, when he saved under Jinxin and dad came to Chengdu, made a special trip to visit the benefactor.
meet 11 years later vivid memories

In August 1999, who lives in Yubei Longxi Town Flower Park all the way Jinxin and partners standing stone in the pond fishing for tadpoles,
He waterborne and knelt on the stone steps in the pond with a bamboo pole Jinxin back hook, The two are discolor, belly bulging, are water.
the first time I heard. consequently do not accept. .
Since then, the weekends and the holidays, Li Yuchuan total give Xie were a call, ask the current situation, the contact of the two for nearly a year. Later,true religion sale, Xie learn to leave Chongqing, eventually finding work in Guangzhou, Beijing, Hebei and other places, returned to his hometown Mianyang in 2003, two human contact is broken.
now grown young man, but the eyes are not a child a big
save lives: want to meet him. the idea of ​​relying on grace
November 2 this year, Xie learn diagnosed with leukemia. Drugs, dialysis treatment so that he suddenly lost 20 pounds, the mood a bit low.
university students came from Chongqing to see him, memories of college days with him, make him happy. Mentioned Xie rescue of things, Xie Zong learn inadvertently to see the desire of the Jinxin said.
speaker proffering classmates to his wishes to the Internet, hoping to find a small Jinxin.
Chongqing Evening News reported at the time of his rescue reporter found him. to mention our two so deep. ,
rescued: the matching success rate is only a quarter.
good heart, they are ill and still contribute to the patients. he looked poor people, money, and allow hospitals to give patients medication.
matching the success of bone marrow transplant surgery, postoperative 5-10 years recovering from medical bills how to do? Since her husband became ill, Mike has been considering these issues, must take to return to the community, moved, with tears in the eyes he said: for good people to thank were learning to find a matching bone marrow, love relay down. Huaxi Dushi Bao trainee reporter Yang Hong Yu (Photo by Liu Xia)

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Coal bosses to donate 32.6 million to build primary schools rece

Fuyuan coal boss donated school reporter Zhang Yue / photo

has shown signs of a meter long, not tall, took a fancy to the very spirit. Few words in the conversations seem modest and prudent, a the Fuyuan discourse some slow speed, but the logic is very strong, is particularly vivid metaphor.
The Comptroller of the current Zhuyuan town colored water coal mine, most people habitually referred to as and the whole Fuyuan hearts of the people, has become well-known philanthropist This is the courage of the heart the farmers of the mountainous areas of education entrepreneurs.
deep in the mountains, filled cove, opened the hills, after more than three years of construction of the building in September 2008, a share to 53 mu, building area of ??10,800 square meters, the set of multi-media classrooms, restaurants, teachers and students apartment for one The village finished the birth. pavilion at the
grasses and primary school sites in front of a small hill. He introduced the grasses and Primary School was founded in 1943 to his rehabilitation school has four built premises. Rely solely on the personal investment of 32.6 million yuan heavily in the construction of a modern rural primary schools in poor ravine to the practice of some people in the ordinary opinion, the Comptroller bandits razed. Comptroller opinion, mountains, children enjoy the same education and the city kids, so the Qiongshan ditch can fly one by one
in 1971, the Comptroller of the grasses and Primary School Reading Grade 4 at school within the site production team to pile up the straw, a 70-year-old child in the straw side rub matches ignited the straw burned down the school, they are forced to move to public housing class production team. Later, the schools were burned, while two built school buildings, but are still studying, he had to be removed a few kilometers a day to the study of other schools. , Held the power of the village, is named after the primary school premises for the third time the construction, but due to the constraints of the financial and material resources and other factors, the completion of the premises using only 10 years, in 2000, is listed as dilapidated buildings and forced to close down all students only go to primary school in the sea Chapter 2 km away from the school site.
After graduating from high school, the Comptroller had been a soldier, pull off the pit prop, transported across the coal, have had the coking plant, has been dry the coal mine of the colored water. But full of home Comptroller of the plot and did not forget the home, forget the fate of the rough grasses and primary school, office personnel awareness of the business process, is to become the driving force behind him not hesitate to invest in mountain education.
cover such a high primary reason why in his hometown Juan Zijian childhood lay the foundation for learning in order to let the dolls in the mountains, and the city doll standing on a teaching platform Yuan Peking University, Tsinghua dream.
school school site selected in the He first $ 800 million, filling a depth of nearly one hundred meters of the gully, and ultimately built a school on that.
Although, as most people think bank loans, the school scheduled for completion. In the end, it is built to cover the whole of the grasses and primary schools to spend 32.6 million yuan. Such a luxury

spend huge sums of money to build a primary school, not as used to build 10 primary school! from these questions also makes the Comptroller once in time of trouble, has been bearish today Comptroller repeatedly questioned, he firmly said: 100 years of good schools. Can cover point of saving? / p>
day more than 3000 of the distress of the harassing phone calls

Comptroller, donations to school just to get rich from the source to the mountains, the child's selfless initiatives, but he owed after the media The reports, however, he fell into deep distress, which is particularly evident in the performance from his contact with reporters.
the face of the photographer's lens, the Comptroller does not like the donations to school so generous, and have actually become very cautious and evasive, he has been talking to the photographer shot two on the line Asked why, he said dismissively: > Reporter some argumentative Comptroller reluctantly revealed that the original, he donated large sums of money to build Village school issue being reported,true religion jeans, many of the good-hearted person is not pregnant will be eyeing him, find him for help, looking for his sponsorship , or even one o'clock flocked to his extortion telephone. Previous

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